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Logo Design? It's a secret!

Things are going smooth lately. It's been a few days since I received my first client, who wanted a logo for his product. For the privacy of the client I will not go further into detail. The client has no idea how long it takes for a graphic designer to create a logo from scratch. There are at least three people on the board of directors that have to agree and that can be rough because they are very picky and do not agree. Despite all this, I have enjoyed spending a lot of hours working on various logos to see what would stick and what wouldn't. They are currently regrouping and see if they can agree on the direction they want to take. So for now, I am on hold.

On the other hand, I am still working on the children's book "My Little Secret". In case you haven't heard, it is based on a true story about a little girl's desire to keep the frogs safe by hiding them in a bucket, but backfires when they escape and scatter all across the cottage!

So far I have made character sheets for the young girl and her aunt, which is a good thing because keeping the proportions of the people you draw is essential, especially main characters and protagonists!

I also started to learn how to use Spine, an animation software that can make any 2D model appear more 3D-ish than they really are. Some games such as Playpark's Soul Ark and Game Freak's Giga Wrecker were made using Spine.

And that's all there is to it. Gotta go, I got work to do!