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It's been a while.

Like, a long while since my last post.

And also a very long while since I started this website back in 2017. Sure, it was four years ago, but it felt like six. Or a decade, maybe? Pretty much everyone's sense of time is pretty distorted these days.

Before that, I struggled to find a job that would put my art, design and animation skills to good use. I could go to the big city where the animation jobs are, but alas, the city can be a very dangerous place if you aren't careful, and the animation industry can be a very cutthroat competition, or so I've heard back in my days in Humber college.

I thought it couldn't get any worse, until the pandemic hit.

That was when I had to do something... something that I would be passionate about, something that would ultimately get me paid in the long run.

I signed up for college again... in Interactive Web Design.

While I studied many languages such as Javascript and, this site collected dust. And once in a while, I would update segments of the site to be more relevant, such as a screenshot from that time I redesigned the website of a granite company. Yes, it was a very personal experience which honed my skills as a web designer.

Which brings me right here. A few days earlier, I finally realized I didn't need this website anymore, and so I pulled the plug. This means that by the end of April, this site will be gone for good.

But thankfully, I would have another portfolio site ready, this time made from scratch. It's normal for a web developer to make a site from scratch, even if it's done on their free time.

See you next year, and stay safe!